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Alexander Efremov, a photographer, cameraman
and videographer with 35 years of experience. 

I was born and raised in Moscow, and studied in Moscow and Leningrad (now St. Petesbusg). 

From 1983 to 1995 I worked as a photojournalist in the national media. 

Since 1996 I have been a freelance photographer. 

Specialization: landscape, advertising, architecture, travel-photography, portrait.

Since 2014 I reside in Israel

I’m the winner and Laureate of the international photographic exhibitions and competitions (see)

I’m the author of 12 books on photography and digital processing (see). (In Russian)

I am the author of the training film for photos (see).

I’m the member of the European Association of Professional Photographers, Advertising Photographers Guild and the Union of Photo Artists of Russia.

My regular customers have been advertising agencies, construction companies, travel agencies, businesses, trade houses, publishers, printing houses.

I also do portraits, family and corporate events, and portfolio shootings.

Alexander Efremov, Александр Ефремов


Professional photography: 

Shooting for posters and calendars, (landscapesstill lifearchitecture, interiors) 

Panorama shooting, virtual panoramas and virtual tours

Advertising and catalog shooting

Portraits, shooting children, family portrait, group portrait, family celebrations.

Video recording:
Restoration and processing your photos:

Retouching and restoring old family photos (removal of stains, scratches, creases, color restoration).  Example

Adjustment of the background of your photos, digital makeup, adjustment of hair and eye colorExample

Create photo books and photo albums

Advice for novice photographers:

Personal consultations and workshops on photography and digital processing for the beginning photographer.

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